Membership Levels & Benefits

Benefits of NCASV Membership

  • Discounted Annual Conference Registration
  • Invitation to Membership Meetings / voting privileges
  • Membership Certificate from NCASV for Display
  • Access to NCASV Scholarship Program
  • Access to resource library materials, additional training opportunities and prevention programs.

Agency Membership

Dues:   $100 -Maximum of 1 representative and an alternate-1 vote
Agency Members support the mission of the organization and are granted one vote, with an alternate voting member. All staff of the agency will receive benefits of the membership, with the exception of voting rights, as no agency or member receives more than one voting right, to avoid “stacking”. 

Individual Membership

Dues:  $50-Non-Agency Representative – 1 vote
Individual Members are individuals who support the mission of the organization with one voting right. These members have the option to serve on the Board of Directors if elected.
Individual Memberships are 75% Tax Deductible. 

Supporting Membership

Dues:  $35 Individuals only- 0 votes
Supporting Members are individuals who support the mission of the organization and do not want voting rights. They can also be individuals who are affiliated with an agency that is a member of NCASV, and still want personal membership. This person can serve on NCASV subcommittees but not on the Board of Directors.
Supporting Membership Fee is 75% Tax Deductible.

Sponsorship Level

Dues:  $250.00 - 0 votes
Sponsor dollars will never be used for lobbying purposes. 

  • Sponsorship is 100% Tax Deductible. 
  • NCASV Sponsorship Certificate for Display. 
  • Recognition in NCASV Newsletter. 
  • Link from NCASV Website to Sponsor’s Website.


  • Annual dues cover twelve months from receipt of payment. 
  • Agency representative contact designees may be transferred by aprroval of NCASV staff. 
  • Dues are non-refundable. 
  • Please refer to the NCASV bylaws regarding Proxy voting.

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