Youth-Centered Prevention Curriculum

We’ve compiled a curriculum that is adaptable, fun, informative, experiential and ever-evolving to target our youth!

A train-the-trainer workshop will be coming soon! If you’re interested, contact Kari at or 775.355-2220.

Want to know how the kids feel about the material?
Below are some of the responses we’ve received!

“I really appreciate you coming to [my school] to talk with us about this important subject, it was a real eye opener for me. My friends and I have been seriously talking about sexual assault and how to prevent it from happening. Thank you for your help and your advice.” -Gabby

“In this seminar I learned many things. Most importantly how to help myself or others when they are feeling down or insecure. Also, I learned that there are ways to prevent sexual assault, but it is never your fault if it happens. We can all prevent sexual assault.” –Kelsey

“It helped me understand a lot more about sexual assault. After that program, I have a whole new perspective with sexual assault.” – Mark

“It was insightful to learn how to communicate with my partner to let them know when I feel uncomfortable.” -Nathaniel

“The program is great. There isn’t one thing I would change. I felt it was very critical. Not just one part, the entire program was.” –Tia

“I am grateful that you covered this topic because I have never really talked about this with other people. I think that everyone needs to know about sexual assault because it not only impacts the victim’s life, but also their family and especially since sexual assault happens all of the time….The activities definitely helped me connect with the topics we discussed.” –Emily

“I just want you to know that you made a HUGE difference in my life and I’ll never forget what I learned. Thank you again.” -Shalani

“Personally, all those tips are going to help me and everyone you told…I think you should share your ideas with the world because not only did that inspire me but it would probably inspire the world…I say keep up the good work” –Soni

“I will keep all this with me always. I love the fact you guys go around schools doing this. Keep up the work.” –Brianna

“I loved your presentations. I have many friends who have unfortunately been victims of such atrocities, and your information really helped me understand them a little more. I know now what to say to them and how to give them that support they need…Lastly, I would just like to say thank you for dedicating yourself to teaching such a touchy subject. This is not something I can easily discuss with my parents. I love how comfortable you make me feel while talking about bullying, sexual assault, abusive relationships, rape, whatever subject, you know how to approach it without being awkward.” –Sam

“I thought this program was interesting. Before, when I had certain feelings I didn’t really know what they ment [sic], but this program really helped me understand what some of those feelings ment [sic], and if they were good or bad feelings…I had a great experience and I loved learning all those things.”- Patricia

“Thank you for presenting everything you did. I really appreciate that you came out and talked to us about it. The program definitely impacted me and it also touched the other people in the classes.” –Jack

“I want to give all you guys a thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think it’s great that you guys are going around educating young minds and getting the message out.”-Trevor

“Having you guys come and help us to know that we have other people we may go to for help and showing us what we may do in a certain abusive situation gives us a great idea on the options we have for the situation. You guys are fantastic people and we appreciate you guys a lot. It means so much to everyone you help and thank you for teaching me all of this and helping myself and others with any questions we had means and shows how you guys are so kind and willing to give your time to help others. It makes me also want to help others and am working on helping someone right now. : )”- Natalie

“If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t know anything about date rape drugs, how to prevent it, and what to do if it had happen.”-Cameron

One of our strategies is to educate one group of students on Denim Day while a second group learns about drugs used in drug-facilitated assaults. The different groups then teach each other about their topics. This particular student told the class what he learned about regarding Denim Day. Allowing him to do so warranted this comment: “When you let me speak about the girl in Italy I felt really good after. This program impacted me greatly by teaching about the importance of sexual assault. Thank you very much. ” –Ken

“I have learned so much-stuff I didn’t even know about. I am now more aware of sexual abuse/rape. I think so many teens should know about this, since most relationships start during high school. Before going into this, I barely knew anything. After, I now know about date rape drugs, the cycle when your [sic] in an abusive relationship, etc. The videos you showed us had really inspired me to stand up if I see anyone getting abused. I enjoy this program and it had really educated me. THANK YOU!” –Kimmie

“The program really impacted me and my friends…this information needs to be shared with everyone even adults.” –Donny

“After going to your presentation, I’m able to deal or intervene with the situations.”

“Most of us have been inspired and are willing to do anything to put the word out there. You guys have opened our eyes…I’m glad I got the message and I’ll be happy to share that information with all my family and friends.” –Kathye

“I like how you made this comfortable and inviting when we discussed embarrassing topics. You made it fun to learn about these things and so did Mr. Sprinkle [our board member and volunteer]!” –Makinzi

“I loved this program because it had to do with real life. There are so many things we learn about that we will probably never use, but this we will…It is good to know about this stuff, especially if your parents are too shy to tell you themselves.” -Klara

“I now know a lot more than I did before you guys came in.  I know how to spot an abusive relationship and how to realize when I’m in one which, I actually WAS in one, and thanks to this program, I am out of it. It wasn’t like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing which is probably why I didn’t realize it earlier.” –Jessica

“We all really loved your classes. We had fun and learned a lot. Wish you could have stayed another day though.” –Chloe

“Your performance was outstanding! Some of the topics made me think hard to myself. I use to be that kind of person, always concealed, pushing everyone away. I was scared to open up…but, after those lessons, I finally opened up to others. Speak up, is what I learned to do. “Speak up, and step up!” I also learned from you that you’re in charge of your own body, emotions and etc….I didn’t know that there was such thing as a controlling type relationship. Meaning that when one person tries to control the other. I thought that that was just life. But no, it’s not. It’s abuse, controlling.”-Anonymous

“Now I want to be a peer advocate!”-Michelle

“My favorite thing to learn about was our personal boundaries and other peoples’ boundaries. I have learned my own boundaries and have been able to recognize where I am comfortable.” –Jacquelyn

“Thank you for taking your time out and teaching us these important values. I liked learning about these things because it made me more aware.”-Chris

“I appreciate that you treated us with kindness and respect as well as understanding. In many cases, adults talk down to students like us, but instead you treated us admirably, and I really appreciated it…The topics you and your team addressed are not easy, comfortable or simple, yet we managed to participate almost effortlessly.” -Megan

“I feel I am more prepared and aware of my surroundings, boundaries and other peoples’ boundaries.” –Alec

“The most important thing you taught me is about rape victims and that rape is a two way street, it doesn’t single out a specific gender.”- NZ

“What you guys do is amazing. You might know your job is very important to people, but it’s more than that. Knowing what abuse is is important, but doing something about it is harder. Something not done by most people. I’m writing this letter from the bottom of my heart, too. Keep it up, and thank you…for everything you do.” –Josh

“This program impacted me greatly. My current girlfriend opened up and told me that she had been sexually assaulted by two guys. She wasn’t raped but it was still bad. This program helped me to remember how important it is to support her. Thank you for showing me how to keep a strong healthy relationship. It helped me to realize how good my relationship with my girlfriend is. We are honest to each other and if we get into an argument we don’t yell ore curss [sic]. Many kids need to learn how to be supportive and help people who were harrased [sic]. Keep up the good work. Thankfully, Albert”

“I did learn a lot because of how deep you went into the conversation.” –Angela

“Thank you for all you do. The presentation was a life changing experience…Thank you, you’ve changed my life.” -Gabriella

“I didn’t know that anybody can get through that many topics in a day and have everybody understand it. I think you should be coming by the school every year to teach all the new kids…” –Martha

“ You have shown me some ways I can improve on not being aggressive. I loved the discussions we had too. They got me thinking about all my relationships and how I have acted while in them. Now I can improve on how to go about being in a relationship and to be cautious on how I act and do things.” -Stephanie

“Most of all you touched lots of peoples hearts because I would go into class and kids would be talking about it…”-Vivian

“I really appreciated your presentation at my school. It was very educational and I felt very much like your presence was a good one. Good energy and spirit really made me feel comfortable enough to engage in this program despite personal things I’ve been through. When I first found what class we were taking, I pictured myself running away because hearing about certain things can be very sensitive. But I really felt like your class was very sensitive to those who may have experienced things before. I think the way you help people is amazing and you should be truly proud of what you’re doing because I think everyone else is.” –CM

“I think you should also go into elementary schools and middle schools, if you haven’t already. I think you should even go beyond Reno and to other cities.”-Bekha

“This class taught me a lot and helped me more than you can understand. It showed me what an abusive relationship was even if it doesn’t seem like it’s anything but normal. At the time that class was going on, I was currently in an abusive relationship. At first I thought it was normal. That the fighting was what every couple went through. On Tuesday, May 17th I broke up with him and got out of it…I want to thank you for showing me what an abusive relationship is…I wish my mom and stepdad could take this class because they are in an abusive relationship…I think that if they both took it, it would change them and give them a new outlook on things, just like it did for me.” –Allyssa

“Not once was I sitting there thinking, “I want to be somewhere else.” I had no idea what my boundaries were until I started giggling and shifting around when people came closer… I’m glad that you chose to come to our school. We won’t forget what we’ve been taught, we’ll be careful respecting people, their boundaries and ourselves.” –Tawny

“The information you gave was really informative and gave me insight on a few things. I am quite surprised that a few of the ongoings with my family have happened with others and we are now on the road to solving many of the problems, thanks to you and your program. To express my gratitude through a letter is not nearly enough. I believe you are making a true difference. I’ve seen many people talk about the abuse, the manipulation, and all of it, only none of them have engaged the audience like I, over the past week, have seen you do.” –A.

“Thank you for life help!” – Rudy

“I have a friend that this has happened to and I have told her everything I remembered from what you have told me. She thanks you as well.” –Amanda

“I love what you guys are doing and I’m glad there is such an effort to solve these problems. Thank you for your effort and time.” – Jacob

“I’ve learned sooo much because of you guys and I’m thankful.” –Mike

“I learned how to communicate with people without freaking out. I will always remember what you taught me. Thank you for helping me out.” – Salia

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