Live Violence Free



The South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center has changed their name to Live Violence Free.  The agency and Board of Directors have been discussing the name change for over three years. With the agency celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2012, the timing was right.  Leanne Wagoner, Executive Director states, “Our mission has become our name.  We see a vision for our community and hope you will join us in this endeavor.”

Founded in 1977 by a handful of volunteers dedicated to helping women in the community, the Women’s Center has grown to a staff of 25, serving two counties, and reaching out to not only women - but men, children and our community as a whole.

The agency hopes changing the name speaks to what the agency provides for the community and is more inclusive and welcoming to everyone. The agency’s programs and services are not changing and will continue to provide domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse prevention and basic needs services.  You can visit their new website for more information.

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